Winter horses

A few weeks back I drove my daughter to horse riding lessons and decided to take a walk by a nearby stream to kill time. I took my camera with me in case I would find some interesting shots for my recent H2O = Aqua project. To my surprise I stumbled on a few horses running loose just across the stream.




Gone with the salt – new story

Since 2007 I had the privilege of being taken underground with geologists, miners and guides to explore the mine which is hidden from view for everyday visitors. Each time we went underground I felt, that I am only touching the surface of what is to be seen and acknowledging the size of this maze of corridors. Most of the photographs are from the 3rd and 4th level of the mine, which has a total of nine. The ninth is flooded though and probably shall never be open again.

In the course of these few years I have seen changes and so these images are a record, snapshot … Although all seems so still and silent once you hold your breath in the cold darkness of the underground, these hard walls seem to magically change much faster then we anticipate.

Please see the rest of the images here.

Lastly I would like to greatly thank the Wieliczka salt mine and all their staff who have helped me in finalizing this essay over the years.

Passing by. Salt crystals spring up from the floor.
Passing by. Salt crystals spring up from the floor.

Banda- portraits of young artist group

Have a look at these portraits of the art group Banda

I have seen a few of their shows and many of the works where very interesting to me and so I was very happy to shoot these portraits for them. Hope you like them also!


Portrait of Piotr Michalik for GEO Magazine

Back in november I had the pleasure of taking this portrait for german GEO magazine. A shot of Piotr Michalik from the Jagiellonian University was needed and I was the magazine’s photographer of choice.

I’m very happy with the concentrated image we ended up with. Shot with my trusty 50mm I was able to get close enough to make the eye contact intense…

portrait of Piotr Michalik by Tomasz Kozakiewicz